Our Story

Tropicana, formerly Gaylord, is a male fashion store located on 33 Albert Street, Belize City, Belize. We have over 40 years of experience as formerly Gaylords plus 5 years as Tropicana. We decided to update the name to  “Tropicana” to embrace Belize’s tropical and charismatic nature. Driven by transformation; we are committed to making a positive impact by evolving our business practices and leading change within the industry. The decisions we make are pivotal in shaping our collective future. There is limitless potential in the market for initiatives that improve the world, as well as for brands and products that enhance life and promote sustainability.

Visit us today and experience Belize’s #1 Men’s Clothing Store!

We Specialize In Uniforms!

Welcome to our world of uniforms, where style meets professionalism!

Dive into a curated collection featuring renowned brands like

  • Dickies
  • Dockers
  • Edward’s
  • Port Authority
  • Johnny Cotton

Discover the perfect blend of comfort, durability and sophistication tailored to elevate your look. Let us outfit you for success!

The Brands You Love!

Our family of brands caters to a wide range of consumer needs across various activities and lifestyles! Step into a realm of style and authenticity with Tropicana! From the rugged durability of Dickies to the timeless sophistication of Dockers, and the sporty edge of Nike and Adidas!

Dive into the iconic designs of Hollister, the urban flair of Timberlands. The luxury of Psycho Bunny, and the streetwise cool of Jordans. Elevate your wardrobe with the brands that define you.

Our major product categories are...


We have long sleeve shirts, pants, t-shirts for boys and men in all colors and sizes


We have shoes and tennis for all occasions from boy's size 8 to men's size 12


We have belts, caps, and much more to complete your outfit for the day

Some of the brands we carry...

More reasons to choose us...

Countrywide Shipping

We ship to all districts through any courier of your choice

Best Quality

Our products are original, authentic, and of the highest quality

Discounts and Offers

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